Northeast Asia

Northeast Asia has emerged as one of the most important regions in the world economy, but also for international security. The region has become one of the most militarized in the world, and there exists a high level of intra-regional distrust. Furthermore, in the wake of the economic, social and environmental transformations of recent decades, non-traditional threats have also risen, necessitating more complex approaches to regional security. Therefore, governments in the region face the challenge of dealing with a variety of potentially emerging crises, both military and civilian.

ISDP explores the unique dynamics of the region’s conflicts, societies, and developments in order to increase knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing Northeast Asia as a region in dealing with emerging threats of crises. Since its inception, ISDP has acted as a hub for discussion in a variety of situations involving conflicts and has developed expertise in these countries and has developed an extensive network in both Europe and Asia in the policy, academic, military, government and business communities that will allow it to bring together the relevant stakeholders.

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