Mr Ryosei Kokubun is a Non-Resident Distinguished Fellow at ISDP. He is currently a Professor Emeritus at Keio University in Tokyo and National Defense Academy of Japan and an advisor to the Fujitsu Future Studies Center, Ltd. Moreover, he is currently the President of the Japan Society for Defense Studies.


He earned his research degrees (1976: BA, 1978: MA, 2002: Ph.D.) at Keio University. His research topics include Chinese politics and international relations in East Asia. After he worked as a Professor and Dean at Keio University in Tokyo for 31 years, he served as the President of the National Defense Academy of Japan for 9 years. He was also President of the Japan Association of International Relations and Japan Association for Asian Studies. He is fluent in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

He is the author of numerous publications in English and Japanese (e.g. Japan-China Relations through the Lens of Chinese Politics, Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture (JPIC), 2021.; Japan-China Relations in the Modern Era (eds.), Routledge, 2017; Sino-Japanese Relations: Rivals or Partners in Regional Cooperation? (edited with Niklas Swanström), World Scientific, 2013) 


Mr. Ryosei Kokubun was awarded the Kashiyama Prize for Asian Studies (Kashiyama Scholarship Foundation, 2017), the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities (Suntory Foundation, 2004) and the Special Award for Asia-Pacific Prize (The Asian Affairs Research Council, Mainichi Shimbun, 1997).