Security & Conflict

Conflict and insecurity remain structural concerns to populations throughout Eurasia. From interstate war to regional sectarian tensions, matters of conflict and security are highly complex and layered instances. The effects of enduring conflict radiate out, combining humanitarian concern, with macro-level political discord. Beyond combat and humanitarian crises, the preservation of peace itself is often contingent on constant, pro-active dialogue. For durable resolution of both local and continental insecurity, third-party engagement is often indispensable. However, contextual expertise is critical to achieve any measure of success.

In the face of these complex issues, ISDP combines practical skill of mediation with contextual and theoretical expertise needed to make engagement meaningful. Many of ISDP‘s programs are directly committed to conflict-torn constituencies and regions at risk of escalating security situations, including both traditional and non-traditional security threats. Through a combination of both endogenous and exogenous expert research ISDP enables policymakers to base their decisions on the right information, under the right conditions.

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