Conflict Management

ISDP has always paid particular attention to issues concerning conflict management and conflict resolution in its areas of focus. From territorial disputes between states to intra-state conflicts involving a multitude of actors, the need to find and promote innovative ways to mitigate conflict and promote peace remains as relevant as ever.

In this regard, ISDP’s mission is two-fold. The first is to educate and inform through the Institute’s research and seminars about the complex causes and dynamics of conflicts as well as their resolution. Secondly, ISDP seeks to enable political, military, and other relevant actors in specific conflicts to engage in constructive dialogue and build trust.

ISDP’s approach to conflict management and mediation is based on deep understanding of both the theoretical development but more importantly its practical application. In so doing, it aims at bridging the gap between academia and practitioners.

The project aims at increasing the confidence in- and understanding of conflict management and conflict prevention in the military establishment, political elite, and research community in our regions of focus. Research projects have been established with primarily policy institutions all around Asia. Utilizing its extensive regional networks, ISDP is actively engaged in unofficial diplomatic efforts – as well as conducting training – in a number of conflict contexts, including the Korean Peninsula, Northeast Asia, the South Caucasus, and Myanmar.

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