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    The Danger of “Islamophobia” in Kyrgyzstan

    Zarinam Turdieva cautions against automatically equating the growing prominence of Islam in Kyrgyzstan with extremism. Rather it is Islamophobia which has greater potential to incite the very radicalization that politicians and other observers fear. Islam has played an increasingly significant role in Kyrgyzstan since independence with a surge of interest among the Kyrgyz population in […]

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    Decision Looms on Myitsone Dam

    The new Myanmar government faces a final decision on the highly charged issue of the Chinese-backed Myitsone Dam. Having taken office two months ago, Myanmar’s new government faces an important decision on one of the country’s largest foreign investments, the controversial Chinese-backed Myitsone Dam. The previous government under President U Thein Sein stalled the mega […]

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    Time to Rethink State-to-State Development Cooperation?

    Jan Rudengren and Lars Rylander call for a paradigmatic shift in development cooperation strategies. A mainstay in development cooperation still remains bilateral agreements signed between two states: the donor and recipient country. The rationale underpinning such is that the recipient country lacks the technical and financial resources to foster development, which the donor country can […]

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