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    Will Ursula von der Leyen Get a Second Term?

    Between June 6-9, 373 million voters across 27 member-states will head to the polls to elect 720 lawmakers to the European Parliament. In turn, those lawmakers will vote for the next EU Commission for the coming five years. Having announced her candidacy in February, incumbent Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (VDL) is vying for […]

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    75 Years of China-Russia Relations: Indeed a ‘No Limits’ Partnership

    On May 16, 2024, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping set a new record by concluding their 43rd meeting, marking the 75-year anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic relations. The meeting witnessed affirmation of the ‘comprehensive partnership’ and ‘strategic cooperation’ between the two sides and a reiteration of their mutual contempt for “closed-door military and political alliances” led […]

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    Making the Most of FDI

    Introduction UNCTAD’s Global Investment Trends Monitor published in January 2024 indicates that over the years, global capital flows in FDI have been experiencing an uncomfortable buoyancy. Global economic uncertainty and vulnerability accentuated by a changing geopolitical landscape have resurfaced the need to diversify concentrated country risk, particularly in global supply chains. Countries across the globe […]

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