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    Is the U.S. Preparing for the Defense of Taiwan?

    The U.S. has been warning that a crisis on Taiwan is nearby. In 2021, the then-Chief of the United States Indo-Pacific Command, Philip Davidson, said that China may try to attack Taiwan by 2027. And in 2022, the Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director, David Cohen, stated that Chinese President Xi Jinping wants the People’s Liberation […]

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    Bangladesh Foreign Policy Approach Should Shift to Multi-alignment

    Bangladesh recently announced its Indo-Pacific outlook with a firm commitment to the vision of a free, open, peaceful, secure and inclusive Indo-Pacific region. This outlook, according to the foreign minister of Bangladesh, emphasizes three P’s: peace, partnership and prosperity. Bangladesh has four guiding principles behind this outlook: Bangabandhu’s foreign policy ‘friendship to all, malice to […]

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    Vilnius Crucial to NATO’s Future Trajectory

    Since its inception in 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been a cornerstone of worldwide security. Its progression, characterized by flexibility and durability, has been primarily shaped by the ever-changing geopolitical landscape and the strategic goals of its most influential member, the United States. The development of NATO can be largely divided into […]

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