Dr. Hasim Turker was born in 1976 in Antalya, Turkey. He graduated from the Turkish Naval Academy in 1998 and served at various units of the Turkish Navy for 19 years. Between 2014 and 2016, he commanded TCG Giresun, a guided missile O.H. Perry-class frigate. In 2017, he retired with the rank of commander. Dr. Turker is the academic coordinator and senior researcher at Bosphorus Center for Asian Studies, which is an independent think-tank located in Ankara. In 2005,  Dr. Turker graduated from the National Defense University ATASAREN with an MA in ‘International Relations’ and in 2008 from the Turkish Naval War College, with an MA in ‘National and International Security Strategies Management and Leadership.’ He received his PhD from Kocaeli University in 2018. Dr. Turker is the author of two books in Turkish: ‘European Security and Defense Policy,’ published in 2007 by Nobel Publications, and ‘Towards a New Cold War: Rising China, The United States, and the NATO,’ published in 2019 by Cinius Publications.