Japan’s Historic Moment: Global Challenges Necessitate Policy Evolution


As Japan’s power and importance in the regional and international domain continues to grow, this issue brief provides an analysis of the domestic and international threats that are challenging and shaping Japan’s historic moments. The piece asserts that while the assassination of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe showed that Japan is not immune to domestic threats, it is incorrect to connect it to threats to democracy or rule of law. However, challenges such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China’s belligerent actions, the growing US-Japan camaraderie, status quo changes in the Taiwan Strait as well as economic challenges such as Japan’s own new form of capitalism highlight that Japan’s national security and defense policy remains filled with symbolism. Arguing that the need for Japan to stop being constrained by an outdated constitution has arrived, the author sets the tone for Japan’s ‘historic’ moment in the form of evolution of its policies vis-à-vis present day challenges.


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