ISDP Annual Report 2016

Letter from the Directors

2016 has been both a turbulent and eventful year. Events such as the failed Turkey coup, North Korea’s nuclear tests, the inauguration of Myanmar’s new government, and parliamentary elections in Georgia have called for expert analysis, and in-depth discussion and dialogue. Thus, ISDP has continued to function as a network hub by bridging the gap between academia and policymakers. Throughout the year ISDP has provided timely information, analysis, and recommendations to the international policy community.

During the year, ISDP has gone through some structural changes. What were formerly known as Initiatives now function as Centers. Specifically, ISDP increased focus on its Stockholm China Center, the Center for Transnational Threats and the Japan Center, with valued results already starting to show.

Another positive development was the launch of the new ISDP website, which brought a much-needed update in both form and function.
2017 brings a new series of complex problems to each of ISDP’s focus regions. Given these challenges, ISDP’s work is needed now more than ever. We will therefore continue to contribute to global peace, security, and stability, and expand understandings of international affairs.

We look forward to continually deepening cooperation with our sponsors and partners, receiving feedback about our work, and meeting you at our events and seminars in the coming year.

Niklas Swanström & Svante E. Cornell

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