9th ISDP-AMS Joint Conference Report, “Cyber Security: Identifying Threats and Charting a Common Defense”

Conference & Workshop Reports June 30, 2016, pp. 29

The 9th ISDP-AMS Joint Conference was held in Stockholm on May 24, 2016. The theme for this year’s conference was Cybersecurity: Identifying Threats and Charting a Common Defense. We are pleased to introduce the summary report from the conference and would like to thank all participants for their contribution toward a successful event.

Cybersecurity has rapidly emerged as one of the most serious non-traditional security challenges. Affecting states, businesses, and individuals alike, it brings policymakers tasked with defence to reconsider technical, legal, and ultimately strategic frameworks of security policy.

The conference brought together academics, diplomats, policymakers, and private sector participants from Sweden, China, Israel, Estonia and the United Kingdom to share their insights and experiences on this critical topic. In so doing, the conference sought to bridge understandings of cybersecurity between different actors and countries as well as how to best tackle the threats emanating from the cyber realm through better international cooperation and coordination.

The conference was divided into four different sessions: the Session One focused on cyber warfare and defense as part of modern military operations, with many countries having established dedicated commands for cyber defense. While regarded as a strategic necessity, these can also possess offensive capacities undermining national and international security. Session Two went on to analyse the criminal use of cyberspace by non-state actors such as terrorist organizations and transnational criminal networks, and what strategies can be employed to defend from such threats. Following on from this, Session Three took as its focus the vulnerabilities of critical information infrastructure and the role of the private sector in cybersecurity relative to governments. The final, fourth session took up the theme of international coordination and cooperation to counter cyber threats. Here participants concluded that better cooperation is indispensable if societies are to adapt technically sound and politically acceptable solutions to cyber security threats.

We are convinced that the reader will find this report informative and illustrative of the range of viewpoints presented and discussed during the conference.

Dr. Niklas Swanström (施万通), ISDP    

Major General Liu Renxian (刘仁献 少将), AMS

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