Risk Reduction and Crisis Management on the Korean Peninsula

Special Paper August, 2023

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is inherently intertwined with the growing instability of the East Asian security environment, where high tensions significantly increase the risk of unintended incidents and armed conflict. In this paper, ISDP fellows Maj. Gen Mats Engman and Frida Lampinen argue that the negative spiral of enmity must be better managed before it is too late. The authors discuss the current system of deterrence and risk management in East Asia and propose a new approach to what the authors believe to be a more sustainable peace process. The Korean Peninsula is a prominent example of an area where a current overreliance on existing deterrence and defense capabilities and messaging is exacerbating relations, and where the urgency for multi-domain risk reduction mechanisms that encourage trust building is growing.


This report can be downloaded at 38 North in Stimson.

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