An Update on Developments in the Myanmar Peace Process by Mr. Kyaw Saw Han

On May 19, Mr. Kyaw Saw Han, Project Officer of ISDP in Myanmar, held an in-house presentation, in which he provided ISDP staff with an update on the latest developments of the ISDP Myanmar Project and an update on the Myanmar Peace Process. Mr. Kyaw Saw Han highlighted the changing context in Myanmar as a result of the 2015 elections and the signing of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement by eight Ethnic Armed Groups in October 2015.

Mr. Kyaw Saw Han offered participants fascinating insights into the day-to-day objectives, challenges and achievements involved in the running of Peace Education Training (PET) workshops throughout the country. PET’s are run in 7 conflict areas and 3 regions covering diverse ethnic communities. He also discussed some of the challenges in implementing projects in such diverse areas; such as ongoing conflict and community tensions, ensuring materials were available and presented in local languages and the lengthy travel times required to reach all locations.

During his presentation, Mr. Kyaw Saw Han was also able to provide ISDP staff members with a better understanding of a country going through multiple transitions. Mr. Kyaw Saw Han gave unique insights into the complex socio-economic developments unravelling in Myanmar today, and how these are inextricably linked to the dynamics of the conflict.

After the completion of his presentation, Mr. Kyaw Saw Han and ISDP’s in-residence Myanmar guest researchers answered questions from staff about the project and the current situation in Myanmar.