Recent Publications

Wu Xin
The PLA’s Evolving Global Role and New Security Initiatives
ASIA PAPER, March 25, 2015, pp. 27 Webpage Link
Alec Forss, James Smith (Eds.)
7th ISDP-AMS Joint Conference, Military Operations Overseas in Peacetime
CONFERENCE REPORT, March 17, 2015, pp. 29 Webpage Link
Ramses Amer
Dispute Management in the South China Sea
REPORT, NISCSS Report, No. 1, March 06, 2015 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong, Qin Yonghong
Construction and Operation of China-Myanmar Oil & Gas Pipeline: A Geopolitical-economic Analysis
JOURNAL ARTICLE, South Asian Studies Quarterly, No. 1, March 2015 Webpage Link

Commentaries & Op-eds

Ramses Amer
Conflicting Views on Global Governance between China and the U.S.
COMMENTARY, China-US Focus, March 30, 2015 Webpage Link
Halil M. Karaveli, Aliza Marcus
How the Kurds' Power Play Backfired in Turkey
ARTICLE, The National Interest, March 27, 2015 Webpage Link
Svante E. Cornell
Kazakhstan's Snap election
COMMENTARY, Diplomatic Courier, March 25, 2015 Webpage Link
Bernt Berger
Russia Hedging Its Bets in East Asia?
CONFERENCE REPORT, in Europe In The Asian Century, March 25, 2015, pp. 38-43 Webpage Link


The Chinese Dream - Challenges for China and the World March 26 2015

ISDP FORUM with Dr. Börje Ljunggren

Continuity and Change in Chinese Diplomacy in the New Era March 23 2015

ISDP FORUM with Professor Cui Liru

The Threat from Authoritarian Powers Russia and China: How Serious Is It? March 09 2015

ISDP FORUM with Professor Paul Dibb and Dr. Svante Cornell

Policy Briefs

Lars Vargö
Remorse and Reform: Abe's Stormy Spring
POLICY BRIEF, No. 173, March 26, 2015 Webpage Link
Gabriel Jonsson
Human Rights in North Korea: Pressure and Engagement
POLICY BRIEF, No. 172, March 10, 2015 Webpage Link
Bernt Berger
China's Myanmar Policy: Dilemma or Strategic Ambiguity?
POLICY BRIEF, No. 171, March 02, 2015 Webpage Link
Aïssata Maïga, Jeanette Lindberg, Walter Kegö
Tackling Europe’s “Spice” Problem
POLICY BRIEF, No. 170, February 17, 2015 Webpage Link

Turkey & CACI Analyst

M. K. Kaya
The Return of Hakan Fidan to MİT is the Sign of a Power Struggle
ARTICLE, Turkey Analyst, Volume 8, No. 5, March 11, 2015 Webpage Link
Burak Bilgehan Özpek
What are Erdoğan’s Real Intentions in the Kurdish “Solution Process?”
ARTICLE, Turkey Analyst, Volume 8, No. 5, March 11, 2015 Webpage Link
Franz J. Marty
CASA 1000 – High Voltage in Central Asia
CACI ANALYST, Volume 17, No. 4, March 04, 2015 Webpage Link
Juraj Beskid, Tomáš Baranec
Is “Turkish Stream” a Serious Threat to the Trans-Caspian Pipeline?
CACI ANALYST, Volume 17, No. 4, March 04, 2015 Webpage Link

New Book Releases

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