Recent Publications

Woosuk Jung
Environmental Challenges and Cooperation in Northeast Asia
FOCUS ASIA, No. 16, March 16, 2016, pp. 11 Webpage Link
Elliot Brennan, Michael Jonsson, Christopher O'Hara
Financing War or Facilitating Peace? The Impact of Rebel Drug Trafficking on Peace Negotiations in Colombia and Myanmar
JOURNAL ARTICLE, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Volume 39, January 30, 2016 Webpage Link
Martina Klimesova
Using Carrots to Bring Peace? Negotiation and Third Party Involvement
BOOK, January 2016, pp. 344 Webpage Link
Johan Engvall, Svante Cornell
Asserting Statehood: Kazakhstan’s Role in International Organizations
SILK ROAD PAPER, December 10, 2015, pp. 75 Webpage Link

Commentaries & Op-eds

Min Zaw Oo , Elliot Brennan
Peace, alliance, and inclusivity: Ending conflict in Myanmar
COMMENTARY, Brookings, April 01, 2016 Webpage Link
Halil Karaveli
NATO Must Demand More From Turkey
COMMENTARY, The New York Times, March 29, 2016 Webpage Link
Liu Minru
A new era in China-Czech relations begins
COMMENTARY, China Daily, March 28, 2016 Webpage Link
Sangsoo Lee, Alec Forss
Time to rethink North Korea strategy
COMMENTARY, East Asia Forum, March 17, 2016 Webpage Link

Policy Briefs

B.A. Hamzah
Restraining China in the South China Sea: The Limits of U.S. Leverage
POLICY BRIEF, No. 194, April 29, 2016 Webpage Link
Cesar Castilla
China's Evolving Middle East Role
POLICY BRIEF, No. 193, March 18, 2016 Webpage Link
Sangsoo Lee, Alec Forss
After North Korea’s Nuclear Test: The Dilemma of Response
POLICY BRIEF, No. 192, February 16, 2016 Webpage Link
Frederick Starr, Svante Cornell, Johan Engvall, Michael Emerson, Vladimir Socor
After the Enhanced PCA: Kazakhstan in Focus
POLICY BRIEF, No. 188-191, December 22, 2015 Webpage Link

Turkey & CACI Analyst

Gareth Jenkins
The PKK and the PYD: Comrades in Arms, Rivals in Politics?
ARTICLE, Turkey Analyst, April 20, 2016 Webpage Link
Mirzohid Rahimov
The Pap-Angren Railway and Its Geoeconomic Implications for Central Asia
ARTICLE, CACI Analyst, April 19, 2016 Webpage Link
Armen Grigoryan
Nagorno-Karabakh confrontation highlights Russia's clout over warring parties
ARTICLE, CACI Analyst, April 15, 2016 Webpage Link
Zaur Shiriyev
Azerbaijan and the Syrian anti-terror coalition
ARTICLE, CACI Analyst, April 12, 2016 Webpage Link

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