Yeonpyeong on Fire and Enriched Uranium

Issue & Policy Briefs November 26, 2010, No. 45

Each time North Korea hits the headlines for its rash behavior, the world seems to react with surprise. This year, so far, there was the tragic Cheonan incident, the cross border firing, and now, the most worrying incident of all, the artillery strikes on Yeonpyeong. Two South Korean soldiers and two civilians were killed after North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells on Yeonpyeong Island in South Korea. It came only a few days after North Korea’s surprising disclosure of uranium-enrichment facilities to the U.S. nuclear scientists. Larger questions remain; what is the North’s plan after announcing the uranium enrichment capability and the Yeonpyeong attack? What is the main goal of North Korea? This policy brief outlines the reasons behind the Yeongpyoeng Island attack and the revelations of the enriched uranium supply, and shows how they are symptoms of deeper issues.

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