Taiwan’s 2024 Elections: Perspectives from the Region and Beyond

Special Paper April, 2024

The Institute for Security & Development Policy invited a group of international experts to explore the implications of the elections for the region and beyond. The publication covers a group of countries in Taiwan’s vicinity in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as the European
Union (EU), with an additional focus on Central Eastern Europe. The countries covered are Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India, the United States, and the EU. The leaders of most of these countries have extended congratulations on the outcome of the elections, with the President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., delivering the strongest message of support, while others, namely the EU, have been more restrained.

While Beijing has reacted angrily to these gestures, in the case of India it has interestingly restrained its anger. This publication offers valuable insights into the factors that have shaped the dynamics in China’s relations with regional states and with Taiwan, and on the complexity of cross-Strait relations in light of Lai’s victory. The publication also provides forward-looking reflections on how like-minded democracies in the region and beyond can work together with Taiwan as a partner, and contribute to maintaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific, which is in the interest of all, including that of the PRC.

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