Safeguarding intellectual property in the wake of digital authoritarianism: An Interview with DR. REBECCA SPYKE KEISER

Experts Take June, 2024

Dr. Rebecca Spyke Keiser is the Chief of Research Security Strategy and Policy (CRSSP) at the National Science Foundation (NSF). The U.S. National Science Foundation is an independent federal agency that promotes the progress of science and the security of national defense. As the chief of research security strategy and policy, Dr. Keiser provides the chief of NSF with policy advice on all aspects of research security strategy. She is working with and has advocated for a collaborative open research eco-system with policies that can properly protect the research from being exploited by foreign nations.

In this interview conducted by Zahra Nayabi, Dr. Keiser explains the methods undertaken by
certain actors to restrict the freedom of their own civilians and spread their authoritative values to other semi-democratic or developing nations. She further highlights the importance of securing the nations intellectual property as it plays a key role in hindering the authoritative nations from further developing their technologies, especially in the field of AI as it has been extensively used to suppress dissent and steal information.

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