Continuity and Change in Indonesia’s Past, Present, and Future Foreign Policy Agenda: An Interview with DR. TUFAN KUTAY BORAN

Experts Take February, 2024

Ahead of the upcoming Indonesian presidential elections on February 14, 2024, ISDP’s Asia Program intern Nolwenn Gueguen sat down with Dr. Tufan Kutay Boran, Lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Ankara, to understand Indonesia’s current foreign policy agenda and what is at stake when its citizens prepare to go to the polls.

Dr. Tufan Kutay Boran is a lecturer in Social Sciences at the University of Ankara. He holds his Ph.D. from Universitas Gadjah Mada /Department of Government and Politics. Dr. Boran generally works on Indonesian foreign policy and the impact of local actors on the foreign policy-making process. Dr. Boran has articles and book chapters on Indonesian foreign policy in English and Turkish.

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