Dr. Zhang Li is a professor of international relations at the Institute of South Asian Studies (Centre of Asian Studies), Sichuan University of China. After training in history and comparative cultures, he broadened his range of academic interests to international relations and strategic analysis. As a senior research fellow at ISAS and previous visiting scholar/guest researcher in UK (Oxford University), India (JNU) and Hong Kong (University of Hong Kong), he has focused his research and teaching on post-Cold War China’s multilateral and neighborhood diplomacy, China-South Asia strategic links, and Asia-Pacific security and conflict prevention (South Asia in particular).

He holds a PhD in international politics from Sichuan University and a MA of history at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Currently he is member of the Chinese Associations/Councils of International Affairs, Asia-Pacific Studies and Strategic Assessments, South Asia Studies, and Pan-Himalayan Regional Survey.

He is the author of several books and dozens of research papers and recent publications (either in English or in Chinese) include Indian Foreign and Security Strategy in the Post-Cold War Scenario(2007); “China and the Kashmir Knot”(2005); “The Energy Security Challenge: China vs. India”(2005); “China’s New Role in South Asia: The Kargil Conflict and Beyond”(2004); “US Anti-terror Agenda after 9/11 and Its Implications for South Asian Security”(2006); “Sino Pakistani Strategic Nexus: Issues, Potentials and the Emerging Trend”(2006), and International Politics: Theories and Practices (2003, co-author).