Visiting Fellow, September – November 2013

Senior Colonel Wu Xiaoyan is a researcher at the  Department of Military History and Encyclopedia, Academy of Military Science (AMS), PLA.

Senior Colonel Wu holds a BA degree in English and American Literature from PLA Foreign Languages University. She was conferred with an MA degree in Military History by AMS in 2005. From 1990 to 2003, she worked at the Department of Military Encyclopedia of AMS, editing  entries for the China Military Encyclopedia (China Military Science Press, 1997). From 2003 to 2012, she worked at the Department of War Theory and Military Strategy Research of AMS, responsible for editing and organizing work for The Military Terminology of PLA (The Military Science Press, 2011). She is a co-translator of the book Vision 2100: Strategy for 21st Century (Military Science Press, Chinese edition, 2009).

During her visit at ISDP she researched China’s Maritime Security Strategy.

Publications by Wu Xiaoyan