Johan Klaas Krom wasJunior Research Fellow at the ISDP Asia Program, primarily working within the Stockholm China Center and Myanmar Center. His foremost areas of interest include geopolitics; transnational governance; state transformation; cross-border development; and conflict prevention. Geographically, his work is centred on dialogue and research on the East Asian region, with Sino-regional and Sino-European relations being of particular prominence.

A political geographer by training, Mr. Krom holds a degrees from Lund University and the University of Groningen, and has engaged in extensive coursework at, amongst others, the National University of Singapore. Before coming to ISDP, Mr. Krom was a trainee at the political and economic department of the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao PRD.

Publications by Johan Klaas Krom