Niklas Swanström participates in the 13th Limassol Economic Forum

Logo: Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP)

October 7, 2022: Niklas Swanström, ISDP’s Executive Director, will participate in the 13th Limassol Economic Forum, Cyprus on October 21, 2022.

The war in Ukraine has created a new asymmetric shock following a similar one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world, and especially the EU, is once again facing enormous challenges at every level, but especially from an economic perspective. The international geopolitical scene has changed in an unprecedented way. Some called it “a turning point” and others “the end of the complacency era”.

Niklas Swanström will present the topic “New World Order: China’s complex relations with the Western world”.

Here you can find more information about the event.