Anna Wieslander on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon to discuss the new Swedish-U.S. defense cooperation agreement and Ukraine

December 12, 2023: Anna Wieslander, Chair of the ISDP Board, was invited by TV4 Nyhetsmorgon to discuss the current world situation, the new Swedish-U.S. defense cooperation agreement, and Ukraine.

Anna Wieslander’s main message:
– The global situation is very serious.

– The agreement with the U.S. is good for Sweden, given the importance of deterrence and the fact that we will quickly receive military support. It sends a strong signal to Russia, who our friends are.

– Support for Ukraine from the U.S. and Europe is decreasing, which is very worrying.

– If Russia wins in Ukraine, the security of Sweden and Europe will be in a very difficult and dangerous situation.

– Europe has great resources and can increase the production and delivery of ammunition and weapons to Ukraine if governments invest and mobilize the industry.

– It is also an investment in our own future, to live in peace and freedom.

You can watch the interview here (in Swedish).