The South China Sea: Resetting the Chessboard (in Chinese)

Issue & Policy Briefs March 1, 2012, No. 88 (in Chinese)

The U.S.’ re-engagement in the Asia-Pacific marks a significant recalibration of its foreign policy and a turning point in the power politics of the region. The impetus for this re-engagement is borne largely from the simmering dispute over the South China Sea and growing militarization.

由于蕴含丰富资源和身处海上交通要道,南海地区的主权问题一直备受争议,南海各国之间纷争不断。近年来南海问题不断升温,各国争先扩张海上军事实力,中国更 将南海问题列为国家核心利益;此外,有分析家认为亚太地区正在“芬兰化”。这成为美 国重返亚太地区的重要因素。而美国重返亚太也使得该地区的格局发生改变。

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