Reconciling Different Approaches to Conceptualizing the Glocalization of the Belt and Road Initiative Projects

Planet Earth viewed from space, focusing on China
Journal Article April, 2022


In response to the recently rising number of academic papers that empirically examine local variances in China’s Belt and Initiative (BRI) projects in various foreign lands, this paper points out the tension between attempts to theorize BRI projects. The Sino-localized approach and the assemblage theory were the two main attempts used by scholars from disparate academic disciplines to conceptualize local agency and to understand how local conditionalities, practices, and norms may affect the outcome of BRI projects. We need to examine their differences and similarities, and determine whether they are really irreconcilable. In addition, how their ontological differences lead to epistemological, methodological and analytical differences in studying BRI projects should be clarified as well.


Here you can find the full publication. Dr. Julie Chen presented her research findings in a webinar organized by ISDP. You can watch the recording here.

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