Nuclear Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia: Implications from EURATOM

Journal Article December, 2016, The Journal of Northeast Asian History, Volume 13 Number 2 (Winter 2016), 93-118

Northeast Asia is currently facing several nuclear issues, such as the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula and a potential arms race between the countries in the region. These issues have led to the discussion of an institutionalized regional framework that could help in finding a solution to common problems in the region. Regional nuclear cooperation might be difficult to be realized with the high tension and distrust among the countries, but as was proven in Europe, such cooperation could contribute to confidence- and trust-building. This paper explores the history of EURATOM and identifies learning points that could be used for similar cooperation in Northeast Asia. Research and development, activities related to nuclear safety and regional safeguard measures are areas that could be applied based on the EURATOM experience. The U.S. would play a large role, as was proven in Europe and is predicted to be in Northeast Asia, making it a challenge for the realization of the cooperation. However, regional nuclear cooperation in Northeast Asia is not impossible through small steps that would build up trust and confidence.

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