How the narcotics industry affects society

May, 2010

The brochure “How the narcotics industry affects society” is primarily intended for readers in the age between 15 and 20 but is of interest to anyone who would like to gain insights in how the use of narcotics destroys our societies. Not only is the trafficking in narcotics of significant importance to transnational organized crime; terrorist and insurgency groups also rely on drug trafficking for funding. The environmental implications of the (often short sighted) production of coca in the Colombian rainforests are addressed, as is the widespread corruption and abuse of individuals follow the drug trafficking.

The information brochure is a tool for anyone working within drug prevention. The aim is to make the link between the purchase of narcotics and its detrimental effects on societies explicit to the general population. The arguments presented in the brochure will hopefully influence opinions towards narcotics in a more restrictive direction.

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