The Myanmar-EU Roadmap: New Possibilities in a Changing Myanmar

Issue & Policy Briefs January 24, 2011, No. 52

More and more individuals in Europe and in Myanmar are voicing their frustration regarding the unproductive bilateral deadlock, many of whom are also proactively seeking solutions to the problematic relationship. A more productive discourse is coming into being, where both sides understand that – after elections and new institutions in place – improved relations will lead to mutual benefits. Myanmar political parties with democratic credentials have called for an end to the European boycott. ASEAN has called for the lifting of Western sanctions. The European Union will need to respond, or risk losing sympathetic partners on the issue. The EU’s rather restrained comments regarding the recent elections, the engagement orientated statements from high level EU officials, increasing development assistance from the EU indicates that change is possible. This policy brief looks at a concrete win-win solution to achieve a normalisation – a negotiated Myanmar-EU Road Map.

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