Must Regulate the AI Trifecta: Security, Business, and Privacy

The enormous amount of research and development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies has led it to grow to a level that impacts security, business, and privacy concerns. The proliferation of artificially intelligent weaponry raises the potential for arms races, the possibility of non-state actors obtaining such weapons, and security issues. From the business lens, AI has catalyzed decision-making and operational strategies that have enabled efficiency. However, as the functioning of AI is dependent on data, deliberating privacy issues has become necessary.

Discussions around AI governance are still in their infancy, which presents a chance to create frameworks for governance that encompass every step of the process, from development to deployment. While a few states have initiatives on AI principles and ethics, the fragmented landscape results in a lack of coordination of AI governance at the international level. Therefore, to sustain international peace and security, there is a need for a comprehensive framework that encompasses the legal, political, ethical, economic, and security dimensions.

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