G20 and BRICS: Towards a Joint Pursuit of Effective Multilateralism for the Global South

The Global South is, unarguably, the pivoting point of debates and deliberations in the G20 grouping. As the baton of the G20 presidency passes on from India to Brazil, the greater representation of the Global South, its role in global governance, and strengthening multilateralism will be the moot point and pursuit. BRICS remains a pre-eminent platform for South-South cooperation and its founding members are some of the most prominent actors within the G20 as well. Moreover, BRICS’ recent enlargement has increased its relevance as a platform for cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries. However, the world is, simultaneously witnessing a crisis of multilateralism and a growing great power rivalry amidst an emerging multipolar order. This issue brief, therefore, argues that building greater synergy out of the inherent convergences between the G20 and BRICS is bound to have an additive impact in terms of addressing issues that are central to the Global South.

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