Bangladesh: Strategies and Requisites for Growth

Over the past decade, Bangladesh has achieved an impressive annual growth rate of around 7 percent, with the GDP soaring from USD 18.14 billion in 1980 to USD 460.2 billion in 2022. The country is set to become the 20th largest economy by 2037. This issue brief maps the country’s economic ascent, which has led to substantial improvements in social indicators, including a rise in life expectancy, a significant reduction in under-five mortality, and strides in education and gender empowerment. It explores Bangladesh’s proactive approach to regional partnerships, particularly with India, and its efforts to diversify global engagements, including collaborations with Japan and Europe. Highlighting Dhaka’s challenges, such as the overreliance on the textile sector, energy crises, and geopolitical complexities affecting economic growth, it emphasizes the need for Bangladesh’s democracy to maintain social harmony, political stability, and gender empowerment to attract foreign investment and sustain economic growth.

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