Associated Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Jan Rudengren holds a Ph.D. in international economic geography from the Stockholm School of Economics. He has more than 35 years of experience in international development in his capacity as a SIDA expert, researcher, staff member of the Asian Development Bank, and as a consultant. Dr. Rudengren’s expertise on development includes macro and policy analysis, natural resources management, environment, sustainable livelihood, equity, human rights, and democracy. Furthermore he has special competences within the field of complex planning, monitoring and evaluation processes, project cycle management, including LFA, economic and financial analysis, environmental economics, and environment and development policy analysis. Dr Rudengren has broad experience working internationally, mainly in Africa and Asia-Pacific, and has worked with bilateral development assistance organisations,  including SIDA, Danida, DFID, GTZ, NORAD, and multilateral organisations such as the ADB, AfDB, EU, the World Bank as well as various UN-organisations.

Jan Rudengren is the author of among others: Middle Power Clout. Sweden and the Development Banks, The North South Institute, Ottawa, 1995 and co-editor of: The Environment and Free Trade, EPOS, Uppsala University, 1994.

Publications by Jan Rudengren