Dr. Zhang Chunyan is a visiting researcher at ISDP for one year from January 2016. She is a lecturer at the American Studies Center, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. Her research is mainly focused on U.S.’s diplomacy and security strategy towards the Asia-Pacific (especially South Asia), and U.S.-India relations. She holds a PhD of U.S. diplomacy and politics from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and an MA of International Relations from Sichuan University.

She has previously conducted a short term exchange program at Oxford University in Great Britain, and furthermore spent six months at Denver University in Colorado, U.S. as a visiting fellow.

She is the author of the book “US-India Maritime Cooperations” and has published several research papers including “The Analysis of US’ Strategic Interests in the Indian Ocean (2015); “India and Afghanistan Strategic Partnership: its Development, Influence, and Prospect (2013); “From George W. Bush to Barack Obama: the Evolution of US Strategic Balancing Policy in South Asia (2010); “Evolving Sino-Indian Strategic Relations: Limitations and Momentums (2006); “Afghanistan’s Strategic Passages Construction: its Development, Limitations and Impacts, (Co-author, 2013).