Recording available: ISDP-KWDI International Day for Women, Peace, and Disarmament Webinar

May 29, 2023: The recording of the ISDP-KWDI International Day for Women, Peace, and Disarmament Webinar is now available on ISDP’s YouTube channel.

UNSCR 1325, Two Decades and One Pandemic Later: Comparing Experiences of Sweden and South Korea In the year 2000, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) approved Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325), marking a significant milestone for the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) agenda. This resolution emphasized the vital role of women in peace processes and has since led to the integration of gender perspectives in peace and security at the national level. As a result, the WPS agenda has been incorporated into National Action Plans (NAPs) and other foreign policy instruments such as Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) and country-specific development and aid programs. Despite these efforts, various obstacles still hinder the effective implementation of UNSCR 1325, some of which are general, while others are specific to particular countries, such as inadequate conflict prevention, lack of public awareness, political will, and funding.

Against this background, ISDP and KWDI, with their regional and topical expertise, hosted a public expert-level discussion on May 24th to mark the International Day for Women, Peace, and Disarmament. The aim of the discussion was to identify the current obstacles that are hindering the implementation of UNSCR 1325 and offer practical recommendations to overcome them through NAPs and other means. We are happy to present four excellent speakers, two from South Korea and two from Sweden, with extensive experience of working with WPS issues either in civil society organizations (CSOs) or in government policy.

Here you can find more information about the event.