Niklas Swanström was interviewed by TT on COVID-19 in China

December 22, 2022: Niklas Swanström, ISDP’s Executive Director, was interviewed by the Swedish news agency TT on COVID-19 in China after the restrictions were lifted and Xi Jinping’s silence on the topic.

“I think he’s trying not to be linked to either the previous policy or the new one until he knows the outcome. He’s trying to keep a balance so that he can take credit for both a positive change and a negative change,” explains Niklas Swanström.

“The problem is that the situation is not clear. If Xi Jinping were to go out and claim something now, but it doesn’t happen, then it will be a double loss of prestige. So given that it’s so uncertain, I think he’s choosing to wait to evaluate. The fear is justified,” says Niklas Swanström.

You can read the whole interview here (in Swedish).