Is North Korea’s future dictator a woman? Niklas Swanström participates in a documentary on SVT

February 22, 2023: Is North Korea’s future dictator a woman? The Swedish national public television, SVT, examines this question in a documentary, Utrikesbyrån. Niklas Swanström, Executive Director ISDP, participates in the program.

She is 8, 9 or maybe 10 years old and she is described as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s “most beloved daughter”. Since November 2022, she has become increasingly prominent, often accompanying her father to work, posing with weapons in the background. Last weekend, North Korea tested new missiles again, and the same weekend Kim Jong-Un took his young daughter to a football match. Is she the future leader of North Korea? Why else is she on display right now?

Watch the program here (in Swedish).