First Peace Education Training in Chin State, Myanmar

One Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd December 2015, ISDP and the Myanmar Minerva Education Center (MMEC) supported the first ever peace education training to be held in Chin State, Myanmar.

The training was organized by DAWN, which is one of the largest civil society organizations in Chin State. The workshop focused on political dialogue and was held in Tedim with 31 participants. During this session, 21 out of 31 participants were female, and the training was led and organized by an ethnic Chin woman. This representation serves in line with ISDP’s goal to reach gender equality among the participants and speakers at its workshops. The training was held in Chin language, which enabled the attendants to participate to a high extent and discuss openly and freely. They asked many questions with particular interest in topics related to ceasefire monitoring, peace and the rule of law.