Taiwan and Lithuania: Defying the odds?

Taiwan and Lithuania: Defying the odds?

Wednesday 23 March 2022 / 14:00 - 15:00 / Zoom

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Often framed against the backdrop of exacerbating tensions between China and European countries, this webinar aims to look beyond the geopolitical stage and shed light on how Vilnius and Taipei manage their burgeoning relationship. Seemingly undeterred by punitive sanctions placed on them by Beijing, both sides remain committed to the decision to open mutual representative offices. Additionally, closer links have resulted in large sums committed by the Tsai government to invest in joint venture operations and a growing sense of support for each other represented by a ‘consumption fever’ of each other’s products. 

We are honored to welcome Dr. Konstantinas Andrijauskas, Associate Professor of Asian Studies and International Politics at Vilnius University. He received his doctoral degree in 2014 with a thesis on Sino-Russian relations and was formerly a visiting scholar at China’s Fudan and Zhejiang universities as well as Columbia University.

Larissa Stünkel, Research Fellow with ISDP’s Stockholm China Center, will moderate the event.