The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Counter-terrorism Cooperation

ASIA FORUM with Mr. Zhao Xiaodong

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Counter-terrorism Cooperation


Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 10:00 – 11:30


The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a permanent intergovernmental international organization that came into existence June 2001, in Shanghai (China). Predicated on political cooperation and security assistance, its main priority is combating terrorism. The necessity of counter-terrorism cooperation between SCO member states are due to the characteristics of terrorist activities in the area, which include the international reach of terrorist organizations and the diffusive nature of terrorist activities. The SCO has established sound legal foundations for cooperation between member states that govern the Regional Anti-terrorist Structure of SCO (RATS). The member states address counter-terrorism issues within the political, diplomatic, military and judicial spheres, with a particular focus on security information. Since its founding, the SCO has become an important guarantor of prosperity in the region by maintaining the territorial integrity and security of its member states as well as their political, economic and social stability. However, the SCO faces significant challenges as it moves forward, which include varying-and often opposing-member goals, conflicts of interests amongst member states, structural inefficiencies within the SCO framework and a deficiency in practical cooperation; it is clear that the SCO has had its ups and downs in its relatively short ten-year lifespan. Nevertheless, we should take a favorable view of SCO’s future: it is going to consolidate mutual political trust, enhance practical cooperation between member states, establish standing military mechanisms, and both expand as well as enhance the effectiveness of counter-terrorism cooperation.

Col. Zhao Xiaodong is a Researcher and military lawyer at Academy of Military Science, PLA, People’s Republic of China and a current guest researcher at the ISDP.


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