Security: Two Handed Policy


ISDP FORUM with Prof. Akiko Yamanaka

Security: Two Handed Policy

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 10:00 – 11:30

We have to examine where we are in the tide of history. We are in a transition period from traditional approaches to new ones across a range of issues, including conflict, war and the nature of security has been evolving since the end of the cold war from “against” to “with”. In this environment, it is necessary to use a two handed policy: one is military preparation and the other is non-military diplomacy.

Professor Akiko Yamanaka is a Senior Visiting Scholar at Churchill College, Cambridge University and former Member of the House of Representatives (Lower House of the Japanese Parliament). She has previously served as Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs and was the Director of the Women’s Bureau of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). She was also Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of International Media and Communication, Hokkaido University (International Negotiation & Strategic Studies) and Member of Council at the Japan Institute of International Affairs. Her areas of expertise include Intercultural Studies, International Peace-Building and Preventive State Theory, International Negotiation and Strategic Studies. On these and other subjects, she has written and lectured extensively and internationally. She is currently working on Human Security, especially Water Security, Energy Security and Food Security as well as Natural and Human Induced Disaster Prevention.


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