Secular Government and Civic Nationhood in Azerbaijan: History, Context, Implications

Tuesday 22 November 2016 / 12:00 - 14:00 / Light lunch reception at 12; main program at 12:30

Washington, DC Rome Building Auditorium SAIS - Johns Hopkins University. 1619 Massachusetts Ave., NW, 20036 Washington, DC. Click here for a map

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Since its emergence as a nation in the early twentieth century, Azerbaijan’s state and society have both remained remarkably faithful to secular governance and a civic national conception. In recent years, the government has doubled down on these concepts, among other by designating 2016 the year of multiculturalism. But what do these terms mean in practice? What are the policies developed by the Azerbaijani government, and what reactions have emerged in society? How does Azerbaijan compare to countries in its neighborhood, and what are the implications for the West?

Talk by:

Svante E. Cornell, Director, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute

Moderated by Mamuka Tsereteli, Research Director, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute