A Roadmap for North Korea’s Denuclearization

ISPD FORUM with Dr. Chang-kwoun Park

Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Security and Strategic Studies at KIDA, the Korea Institute for Defence Analyses, and currently Visiting Researcher at ISDP.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 10.00-11.30

The denuclearization of North Korea is a great challenge not only to South Korea but also for regional and global security. The Six Party Talks, the only mechanism for negotiations over denuclearization, have been stalled since 2009 and show no hope of being resumed any time soon. North Korea has meanwhile continued to strive ahead with its nuclear program, having conducted three nuclear tests. The situation has seemingly reached an impasse, which prompts important questions. What is the current status concerning North Korea’s nuclear program? Does a window of opportunity for denuclearization negotiations still exist? If so, what would be a possible approach and roadmap for achieving denuclearization?

Location: ISDP, Västra Finnbodavägen 2, Stockholm-Nacka. For a map and directions, please go here.

To attend: RSVP to Ms. Pauline Dupuis at pdupuis@isdp.eu