The Rise of Emerging Powers and its Effect

ASIA FORUM with Assistant Professor Liu Yu

The Rise of Emerging Powers and its Effect

Thursday, November 10, 2011, 10:00 – 12:00

Nowadays, the strength of emerging countries has become more and more powerful. Emerging countries have cooperated actively in the fields of politics, economy, security, and so on. They are ascending to the centre of the international stage.

For example, the rise of the BRIC nations has not only greatly promoted the position of developing countries in the international system-which in turn is leading the post-war international order into a historical crossroads-but this ascent has also benefited the diversification of global political and economic development and the overall democratization of international relations. Emerging powers are playing a new and more muscular role in global politics and economy. At the same time, they need to calmly and rationally manage the misgivings of western countries about their ascent, and soberly recognize their own problems and identify factors inimical to their growth. As we all know, the world must adjust itself to emerging powers, the first change may be toward a more diverse partnership of global financial, trade and investment. Following this, a multi-polar world may emerge-one of much balance, democracy and international dialogue.

Mr. Liu Yu, Graduated from WuHan University, Beijing, China, specializing in International Relations in 2005. He is now Assistant Professor of Institute of World Politics Studies, at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations. His research is focused on the work of NGOs and international security affairs.

He has participated in writing three monographs including “Overview of Foreign NGOs”; “Evaluation of International Strategy and Security situation 2007-2008”; and “Evaluation of International Strategy and Security situation 2008-2009”. He has also written academic articles on international relations, among others these include International Strategy and Security Environment Development Trends; The Transformation of International Pattern; The emerging powers and their international influence.


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