Nordic-Korea Dialogue on Peace, Development & Cooperation

Tuesday 18 May 2021 / 09:00 - 12:00 /

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On May 18, the ISDP Korea Center, together with the Nordic-Benelux Centre at Korea University, is holding a seminar on the topic of how the Nordic countries and South Korea interrelate on issues of peaceful and sustainable development. Korea and Nordic are geographically far apart but share a common understanding of how to approach the international arena as middle-power countries and have all been applauded for their economic achievements. This seminar aims to exchange information, perspectives, and experiences that can be applied between the two regions and find lessons learned and best practices that can be mutually shared on regional security and cooperation, innovation, technology, and sustainable development.

The seminar will be divided into two sessions focusing on separate topics and interrupted by a short break.

An agenda follows below:

09:00-09.10 – Opening Remarks

  • Lee Jae-seung (Director of the Nordic-Benelux Centre)
  • Niklas Swanström (Executive Director, ISDP)

09:10-10.30 – Session 1: The Future of Security in the Nordic Region and Korea

The growing Sino-American rivalry is increasingly influencing the world’s current geopolitical context. This enmity shapes strategic and political debates, and both the Nordics and Korea are no exception to it. This session will focus on how these countries deal with heightened security dynamics and how Nordic countries can establish a meaningful dialogue with South Korea regarding peace and security issues that affect both regions singularly or as part of the international arena.

Questions for Discussion: How do the Nordic countries and South Korea share their common values, such as democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, to promote peaceful and sustainable development in the world? How can the Nordic countries meaningfully engage in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula? How developed are regional mechanisms and institutions for cooperation and dispute resolution?

Moderator:  Jakob Hallgren, Ambassador of Sweden to South Korea

  • Mats Engman, Distinguished Fellow, ISDP (10 minutes)
  • Hae-Won Jun, Professor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy (10 minutes)
  • Niklas Swanstrom, Director, ISDP (10 minutes)
  • Heungkyu Kim, Professor, Ajou University (10 minutes)

Q&A (30 minutes)

10:30 – Coffee break

10:40 – Session 2: IT Innovation and Renewable Energies in the Nordic Region and Korea

Sino-American rivalry also shapes economic, technological development, and environmental dynamics as well. The Nordics and Korea have taken long strides towards IT innovation, commitment to sustainable development, and transition to renewable energy, yet there are different approaches to promoting IT security and renewable energy between the two regions.

Questions for Discussion: What are the key innovations in the IT sector achieved by the Nordic countries and South Korea? Have these countries implemented any significant policies to address climate and environmental concerns? What are these countries’ actions aimed at transitioning towards renewable energies? How can lessons and experiences be shared between the Nordics and South Korea, and what are future cooperation prospects?

Moderator: Lee Jae-seung, Director of the Nordic-Benelux Centre at Korea University

  • Anders Hektor, Science and Innovation Counsellor at the Embassy of Sweden in Seoul (10 minutes)
  • Wonjoon Kim, Dean, KAIST Graduate School of Innovation and Technology (10 minutes)
  • Klaus Skytte, CEO, Nordic Energy Research (10 minutes)
  • Eunjung Lim, Professor, Kongju National University (10 minutes)

Q&A (30 minutes)

12:00 – Closing Remarks

  • Sangsoo Lee, Head of ISDP Korea Center