Kazakhstan in Europe: Time for European Integration?

Thursday 12 October 2017 / 08:30 - 09:45 / Registration with breakfast from 08.00

Stockholm Medelhavsmuseet. Fredsgatan 2, 10321 Stockholm. Click here for a map

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Is Kazakhstan a European state? The large Central Asian country stretches across the boundary between Europe and Asia. Still it has yet to reach the level of integration into European institutions that comparable states have, and European organizations have been reluctant in recognizing Kazakhstan’s European identity.

However, in recent years, Kazakhstan has signed an enhanced partnership and cooperation agreement with the EU, and made a bid for membership in the OECD. Domestically, Kazakhstan has embarked on a major agenda of political and economic reform, including far-reaching constitutional amendments that increase the division of powers among state institutions.

At a time when Europe is beginning to realize the importance of Central Asia as a trade corridor to China and the Indian subcontinent, Europe could play a major role in facilitating Kazakhstan’s reform process. Are Europeans willing to take the steps needed to anchor Kazakhstan in European institutions? Is Kazakhstan ready to implement the necessary reforms?


  • Aliya Tskhay, Lecturer at the Institute of Diplomacy in Astana
  • Johan Engvall, Analyst Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Non-resident Senior Fellow, ISDP
  • Svante Cornell, ISDP Director

This ISDP Forum marks the release of the new Silk Road Paper, “Kazakhstan in Europe” authored by Cornell and Engvall. Read it here.