ISDP-KIIP Virtual Symposium on Climate Change

Friday 26 November 2021 / 09:00 - 13:00 / Zoom

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Welcome to ISDP-KIIP Virtual Symposium on Climate Change! This symposium will start on the 25th of November at 9:00 am and end on the 26th of November at 12:00pm.

Climate change is increasingly recognized as one of the biggest threats facing humankind. Increasing temperatures caused primarily by human emissions of greenhouse gases, rising water levels, and other extreme weather events now pose a clear and immediate security threat to nations across the world. They have led to issues like mass displacement, resource scarcity, and climate change-induced droughts, diseases, and economic disruptions, which only exacerbate international frictions and conflicts.

Climate change knows no national boundaries and tackling it requires the collective cooperation of multiple actors across the world. Japan and Sweden can establish a strong cross-continental special partnership to take forward the action in the domain. They can not only learn from each other’s experiences but also leverage their potentials and advantages to initiate Asia-Europe cooperation in various sectors, especially renewable energy.

ISDP and Kajima Institute of International Peace aim to bring together expertise from both Japan and Sweden with decision-makers from both the public and private spheres in this virtual symposium, to facilitate knowledge sharing and discussions about renewable energy and climate cooperation between the two countries.

The online symposium aims to address the following questions in particular: 

How can Japan and Sweden capitalize on their strengths to contribute to global climate action and the transnational regulatory agenda to tackle climate change?

What are the ways in which public-private partnerships can help take forward climate action?

What roles can the private sector play in mitigating climate change? What are the opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between the private sector of Japan and Sweden?


Find additional information and the time schedule in the Symposium Program.