Inhouse ISDP Forum with Dr. Tun Ko Ko & Mr. Kyaw Saw Han

ISDP FORUM with Dr. Tun Ko Ko and Mr. Kyaw Saw Han

Myanmar Development Resources Institute

Wednesday,  May 28, 2014, 10.00-11.30

Is 2015 the total solution for the National Reconciliation process correlating with Constitutional Amendment Obstacles?

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been in the spotlight of international attention since current President Thein Sein took office over three years ago. In his inaugural speech, he pledged many promising things intended for the country and the people. He also described national reconciliation and mentioned that his government would keep the peace door open for everyone. The Union Peace Central Committee was formed, and with the assistance of the Myanmar Peace Center, UPWC has been working closely with United Nationalities Federal Council and Nationwide Ceasefire Coordinating team. Amending the current constitution is also the basic part of the peace process as various ethnic groups assume that without it, the ethnic conflict cannot be resolved .

Burmese Transition to Democracy: Progress & Challenges

After being isolated for around five decades, Myanmar has been opening up its politics during the recent years, especially following the landmark election of November 7, 2010, an election which brought the civilian government in power in more than twenty years. The international community has witnessed a lot of positive changes that are occurring in the country.
Mr. Kyaw Saw Han’s presentation will discuss what changes are the most important in terms of driving democratization forward to date. What kind of challenges is the country facing during the time of transition and what is the prospect of the democratization process beyond 2015?