China Lecture Series: Sweden and China – 400 Years of Relations in Retrospect

Tuesday 6 October 2020 / 14:00 - 15:00 /

Webinar . Zoom, Webinar.

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Sino-Swedish relations have a surprisingly long history but relations have always been asymmetric. What kind of contacts have existed and what patterns can be discerned? What intellectual fashions have influenced the successive Swedish images of China? On October 6 at 14:00 CET, Dr. Ingemar Ottosson will give a virtual lecture entitled “Sweden and China – 400 years of relations in retrospect”, which will be a journey in time through four eventful centuries of relations between Sweden and China.

Dr. Ottosson is an Associate Professor of History at Lund University and a specialist in the history of Swedish contacts with East Asia. His most recent book was released in 2019 and is called Möten i monsunen: Sverige och Kina genom tiderna (English: Encounters in the Monsoon. Sweden and China Through the Ages).

Dr. Ottosson’s will be the first in a series of lectures organized by the Stockholm China Center. The next lecture by Dr. Monika Gänssbauer will take place on November 13 and cover the topic of “Reading China in a New Way? Western Images of China from the 19th through to the 21st Century”.