The 6th Annual ISDP-AMS Joint Conference

The 6th ISDP-AMS Joint Conference

Security and Development in Afghanistan After 2014

Beijing, December 6-8

ISDP will hold a joint conference with the PLA Academy of Military Science to discuss prospects for Afghanistan following the withdrawal of international forces in 2014. The list of speakers and presentations is as follows:

Senior Colonel Ding Hao, Deputy Director, Office of Asian-African Military Affairs, Department of Foreign Military Studies, AMS, ‘Prospects for China-US-India Cooperation in Afghanistan after 2014’
Senior Colonel Wang Guifang, Research Fellow, Office of National Security Strategy, Department of Military Strategic Studies, AMS
Colonel Yan Wenhu, Research Fellow, Center for National Defense Policy, AMS, ‘The US should Withdraw its Troops from Afghanistan in a Responsible Manner’
Professor Chen Jidong, Executive Director, Pakistan Study Center in Sichuan University, ‘The Post-2014 Situation in Afghanistan: the Counterterrorism or Peace Talks Dilemma’
Professor Zhang Wenmu, Professor, Center for Strategic Studies, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, ‘Petrodollars and the US decline’
Mr. Wang Shida, Unit Chief of Southwest Asia Unit, Institute of South, Southeast Asian and Oceanian Studies, CICIR, ‘How China Sees the Situation in Afghanistan after 2014’
Brigadier Simon Levey, Defence Attaché, British Embassy in Beijing, ‘Afghan Army Training – Strengths and Weaknesses’
Felix Kühn, PhD candidate at Department of War Studies at King’s College, London, ‘Negotiating Peace: The Afghan Taliban and prospects for a political settlement in Afghanistan’
Professor Liselotte Odgaard, Associate Professor, Institute for Strategy, Royal Danish Defence College, ‘The Consequences for China of the US Exit from Afghanistan’
Mr. Jeffrey S. Payne, Research Fellow / Academic Affairs Manager, NESA, USA, ‘Enhancing Security: Opportunities for U.S.-China Cooperation in Afghanistan’
Professor Tyler Rauert, Director, Strategic Studies Network, Associate Professor of International Politics and Strategy, NESA, USA, ‘Transnational Threat “Convergence” in Afghanistan: Regional: Implications and Response’
Dr. Niklas Swanström, Director, ISDP, ‘Afghanistan and its Neighbors: the Challenge of 2014’