10th Annual ISDP-AMS Conference

Friday 8 December 2017 / 08:00 - 17:20 /

Stockholm Citykonditoriet. Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10, 111 37 Stockholm. Click here for a map

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The Institute for Security & Development Policy and the People’s Liberation Army’s Academy for Military Science invite you to attend the 10th Annual ISDP-AMS Conference, which this year will cover an array of topics relevant to current trends in Chinese and European security.

08:15 – 08:40     Registration

08:40 – 09:00    Opening session

Welcoming remarks from ISDP and AMS

09:00 – 10:40    Rethinking East Asian Security

– Dr. Sangsoo Lee
Senior Fellow, ISDP’s Korean Peninsula Project
– Dr. Lora Saalman
Director of and Senior Researcher in the SIPRI China and Global Security Programme
– Senior Colonel Wang Yisheng
Director of Institute of Foreign Military Studies, AMS
– Dr. Alice Ekman 
Research Fellow, Head of China research, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri

10:50 – 12:30    Everybody’s Problem: International Responses to Terrorism

– Colonel Yan Wenhu
Associate Researcher, Institute of Foreign Military Studies, AMS
– Dr. Kamran Matin
Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Sussex
– Mr. 
Adel Elsayed Sparr
Senior Advisor to the Swedish National Coordinator against Violent Extremism


13:30 – 15:10   UN Peacekeeping Operations: Different Approaches toward Common Solutions

– Colonel Jiao Liang
Associate Researcher, Institute of Foreign Military Studies, AMS
– Mr. Timo Smit
Researcher with the SIPRI Peace Operations and Conflict Management Programme
– Major General Mats Engman

15:30 – 17:00 Changing Times: Multipolarity in Geopolitics

– Colonel Yan Wenhu
Associate Researcher, Institute of Foreign Military Studies, AMS
– Dr. Niklas Swanström
Director of ISDP
– Dr. Anke Schmidt-Felzmann
Research Fellow, Europe and Russia programme, Swedish Institute of International Affairs

17:00 – 17:20    Concluding remarks by ISDP & AMS


The PLA Academy of Military Science is a center for military studies and the premier military research organization of the PLA. AMS carries out fundamental research on military science and important issues in defense and armed forces development, drafts and modifies military doctrines, regulations and laws, and provides strategic advice and consultation for military policymakers.

Since 2008, ISDP and AMS have cooperated on various multilateral issues pertaining to defense and foreign policy. The tenth conference will revisit previous conference topics such as conflict management, joint military exercises and terrorism in a contemporary context.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet and interact with representatives of the Chinese military, together with European security experts.